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Non Tactile PCB Base Rigid Keyboards

Specifications of Non Tactile PCB Base / Rigid Keyboards:

Operating Voltage: 24 vdc max.
Operating Current: 80 ma max.
2 ohms for pcb base.
Contact Resistance: for membrane 1 0 cm length track 5 ohms max. resistance varies according to track length.
Life Expectancy: non tactile/embossed: 4 million cycles. Tactile: 1 million cycles.
Activation Force: non tactile 25 to 250 grams, Tactile 250 to 350 grams.
Contact Bounce: non tactile< than 10 milliseconds. Tactile< than 20 milliseconds.
Operating Temp: -18°c to +70 c.
Vibration: 1 hourfreq. 10-150-10 hz.
Dimensional Tolerance: ± 0. 2mm.
Degree of Protection: ip 54, nema4 (sealing).

Optional Features of Non Tactile PCB Base / Rigid Keyboards:

  • SMD led's, SMD resistors, SMD IC's.
  • UV hard coated, clear transparent display window.
  • R.F.I. , E.M.I. and static discharge shielding with aluminum foil / conductive foil mesh can be provided to protect the electronics components.
  • Embossing.
  • Glow in night.

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